Isabella Aur'Karglos

Isabella is a young Half-Elf raised by her adoptive Dwarven father. Fair skinned with light, almost platinum blond hair, Izzy is lithe but strong. Having been raised by her Dwarven father, Isabella is more Dwarven in manner than she is Human or Elven.


Isabella was found as a baby by a Dwarven Cleric named Rengalt Aur’Karglos. While walking in the wooded foothills north of Mor’ntag he came across a clearing. The strange scene before him left him frozen in place, silent. He saw a tall Elven man holding an infant standing in front on a sickly looking Human woman dressed if furs. The Elf glanced at Rengalt, stepped forward, and stabbed the woman. He then laid the woman down and pried a pearl-like sphere out of the back of her hand. Turning to the baby in his arms, he laid a gold plate on it’s right arm and placed the sphere in the same place it had been on the woman. Finally turning to regard Rengalt, the Elf gently handed him the little girl, bowed deeply, and left.

After taking Isabella back to Mor’ntag and burying the woman he assumed was her mother, Rengalt decided he didn’t want to raise her in the Dwarven city. He knew of a small mountain village, Iselia, which was safe and welcomed all races. Rengalt, being a religious man, took up residence in the local church, giving sermons once a week and on the holy days.

As Isabella grew older, it was obvious she was special. She was incredibly strong for a girl of her age and immensely interested in her father’s religious work. Rengalt took notice of her unusual power and decided to train her in the way of the Paladin. Eventually, Isabella joined the town guard’s training, although she was never given any real assignments because of her age.

While Isabella loved Rengalt, she was increasingly frustrated with him for skirting around the issue of her parentage. She kept asking and was repeatedly brushed off until one night it escalated into a fight. Isabella worked herself into a frenzy yelling at Rengalt until suddenly the sphere on her hand started to glow, and shot off a blast of energy. Startled, Rengalt took a step towards her, then stopped abruptly and coughed up blood. Isabella looked aghast at her arm and started to cry. (TBC)

Isabella Aur'Karglos

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